Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Summer Cruising on Lake Winnipesaukee

Among other things, one reason why I love going to New Hampshire during summer is Lake Winnipesaukee. And it appears that I wasn’t the only one who thought so. I met people from as far as California and Texas who came all the way to New Hampshire to visit its largest and most beautiful lake. How did I meet them? Well, let’s just say it was on board the M/S Mount Washington, a cruise ship that took us for a Sunset Dinner Dance Cruise on the lake. 

The majestic view of Lake Winnipesaukee is indescribable. The mountain ranges surrounding the lake are thick with trees and wildlife. As we glided across the water, habitable islands counting up to 240 would greet us as if we were on a vast sea instead of a 44,000-acre crystal clear lake. 

Here’s a picture of the breathtaking sunset we encountered during the dinner dance cruise. I think what made it even more glorious was the fact that we were in the middle of this nature’s gift and all we could hear was the breeze and some birds.

The buffet dinner filled me up I had to stand throughout the cruise to bring down the calories! Dinner was also accompanied by a rock n’ roll band singing the blues. I wasn’t much of a dancer but I had a great time watching couples make simple moves on the dance floor. 

Anyway, I heard that fall is also a great time to take a cruise and see the red and orange fall foliage that makes the biting cold worth it. Maybe I would if I’m not doing anything on Halloween. I think I’d look great wearing some catsuit at the Halloween Masquerade Ball. 

After a special evening of relaxing and chatting with other solo travelers like me, I headed to my bed and breakfast at the Inn on GoldenPond in Holderness. I was tempted to sink myself in the inviting hot tub but I had to resist. My early morning flight was ringing loudly in my ear; I had to make sure I got a good night’s sleep. Tired but happy that I made my own travel plans and my summer is just starting! Where is my next destination going to be?

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