Monday, January 18, 2016

Date Night in Durango, Colorado

A date gives couples the opportunity to bond, have fun, and see exciting things. It is vital for couples to use their creativity when it comes time to plan for a date in Durango, CO. This helps add excitement to those romantic nights. Let’s take a close look at several romantic ideas for couples in Durango, CO.

Seasons Restaurant

Seasons is a popular fine dining spot in Durango. Seasons has an impeccable reputation for pleasing their customers. This exclusive high-energy restaurant is well-known for its open kitchen and wood burning grill. The dining room has vibrant tones of terracotta and natural wood finishes.

The menu has a full listing of delicious dishes prepared with fresh ingredients. The wood-burning grill produces warm flavors in classics such as grilled double-cut pork chops, grilled bone-on rib eye, and roast chicken.

It will be hard for you and your date to ignore the temptation of having a nice glass of wine. Seasons has a wide selection of wines that will surpass your expectations. The wines on the menu complement the immaculate flavors of the food.

Henry Strater Theatre

Checking out a live performance on a date is not a bad idea. The Henry Strater Theatre is one of the most prestigious and oldest theatres in Colorado. The Henry Strater Theatre is famous for showcasing exciting live performances for over 50 years.

Historic Downtown Durango

Historic Downtown Durango is probably the most important landmark in the city. Many of the original buildings built and used by the area's pioneers can be found in this intriguing section of town. This includes the Strater Hotel. The Strater Hotel was built in 1887 and is still in operation. This historic area is filled with galleries, boutiques, and small shops.

Diamond Belle Saloon

The Diamond Belle Saloon will take you and your date back in time. It provides an old western ambiance for guests. The saloon’s staff is dressed in old western attire. The saloon is also filled with artifacts that make you feel like you are in a western movie. This is one place you and your date will never forget.

Planning for a romantic date in Colorado requires creativity. Fortunately, there are many things for couples to do in Durango, CO. The ideas listed above will provide warm moments and hours of fun.

About the Author: Victoria is a guest contributor from Durango Colorado Vacations, a vacation rental company that offers luxurious Durango cabins, vacation homes, and rentals. 

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