Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Family Fun in Cape Cod

Cape Cod is an idyllic coastal destination. The continuous sound of waves crashing are the perfect soundtrack for this historic New England location. With comfortable temperatures and an abundance of sunshine, the villages of Cape Cod should be at the top of your list for your next family vacation.

As parents around the world understand, it is important to ensure that the kids we travel with during vacation have a wide variety of activities they will enjoy. From lazy days playing in the sand to walking through history, your family is sure to find many activities to fill your days.


Surrounded by water, Cape Cod offers miles of beautiful beaches. Swimming, sandcastles, sunbathing, flying kites in the blue skies, or scanning the endless waters to catch a glimpse of ocean creatures are just a few of the wonderful ways to fill your day.
Whale Watching

Whale watching tours will get you up close and personal with some of the largest and most majestic animals on our planet. The hours spent on the water watching for both sea and sky wildlife guarantee lifelong memories.

Ships navigating the waterways around the cape have been kept safe for hundreds of years with lighthouses scattered along the shore. Although many have been torn down, you can still find active lighthouses to tour, or even a couple that will allow you to spend the night. Take a walk around the grounds of any of these beautiful structures for beautiful views and dare to climb the circular stairs to enjoy amazing vistas you’ll only find along the coast.

Cape Cod has a colorful present and past. For a break from the sun, head inside to learn about the people and events that made the cape what it is. The Cape Cod Maritime Museum, the Coast Guard Heritage Museum, the Aptucxet Trading Post Museum, the Whaling Museum, or any number of the museums, historical homes and properties can take you back in time to tie education in with your relaxation.

While ice cream and mini golf can be enjoyed most places in the U.S., there is something special about enjoying these summertime favorites in the middle of history, nature, and ocean breezes. For your next family vacation, head out to Cape Cod and enjoy a location that truly offers something for everyone.

About the Author: Rachel is a guest contributor from Whalewalk Inn and Spa, a Cape Cod inn.

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