Thursday, September 10, 2015

Why Students Should Study Abroad

If possible, every student should take the opportunity to study abroad. The benefits are enormous, and it is guaranteed to be one of the most memorable experiences of one's life. Here are 6 reasons why students should study abroad.

1. Language immersion. The very best way to learn a language is always total immersion. Being surrounded every day by people speaking a foreign language the student is trying to master is without question the quickest route to true language fluency.

2. Worldview expansion. Our society is increasingly global, but all too many Americans remain clueless about life in other parts of the world. The experience of living in another culture and developing deep relationships with people in other cultures completely alters and expands a person's worldview, for the better.

3. Develop independence, life skills, & confidence. A typical American college student might feel they are already pretty independent after moving out of their childhood home to attend school. However, the experience of living by oneself in a foreign country quickly teaches true independence. The life skills and confidence one develops when having to fend for oneself in a foreign environment will pay off for years to come.

4. Travel opportunities. During weekends and school breaks, students have the opportunity to see even more of the world by traveling to other cities or countries in the region they are studying. This kind of student travel is often relatively cheap, and this is the perfect time of one's life to get in as much travel as possible.

5. Increase a degree's value. A degree from any university means something to most employers, but the value potential employers see in a degree that includes some study abroad time is much higher. Employers know that students who have studied abroad are more versed in life skills and are independent and confident. The fact that a student successfully lived in a foreign country tells an employer that the student is a responsible problem solver with some real world experience. Additionally, businesses increasingly operating on a global scale need employees comfortable working with people in other cultures.

6. Make lifelong friends. The relationships forged during a study abroad experience are often deep and lifelong. Whether one lives with a host family or other students, the people one connects with often become like family, and the relationships usually continue even when the student returns home.

About the Author: Susan is a guest contributor from Our Finesse Collection, a travel agency offering travel tips for those looking to go abroad.

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